What's so great about the Crafty Vaporiser?

Storz and Bickel are masters of vaporiser design so it is not too surprising that their creation the Crafty vaporiser has completely dominated the market since it came out and probably will continue to do so for a number more years to come. It's easy to use, produces extremely good quality vapour and has a really stylish design that has been specifically thought out to be practical, Its specific engineering allows heat to be quickly dissipated from the device so it does not overheat and stay hot.

The Crafty Vaporiser dominates the market for good reason, Its high-quality design and vapour, as well as its ease of use and good battery life, really set it apart from the rest. Below I'll write about these to help you see why this vaporiser has dominated and why you should get yourself one!

Vapour Quality

This is where the crafty really separates itself from other vaporisers. The vapour quality from the Crafty really is that good. It will not be beaten for flavour by any portable vaporiser from any other brand, The way it vapes your herb really ensures to maximise the taste without wasting any product. The bowl that you load up with herb holds about .3 as well which is a good amount that will last a fair amount of use. Even without the phone app to change the temperatures the herb burns well with really nice flavour at default temperature.

The device heats about in around 90 seconds which is the shortest but for the experience, it provides it's more than worth it! The vapour is almost identical to the vapour that comes from the famed Volcano Vaporiser which has dominated the Desktop vaporiser market. So you can rest in knowing this product has come from a legacy of leading products in the market.

Smartphone App

The crafty vaporiser comes with two temperature settings which are default and boost mode but if you download the app for your smartphone you are given more options on temperature settings. The app does this by connecting to your vape via Bluetooth.

The smartphone app also comes with another nifty feature of allowing the user to change the colour of the LED lights on the vaporiser. This extra bit of customisation and personalization just adds a fun factor to the vaping experience!

Battery Life

The battery life of the Crafty is respectable at about 45 minutes of continuous use. This should allow for good use as a couple of minutes is more than enough to finish one session. Allowing for many sessions a day without it needing to be charged, When it does need to be charged, it will be full battery after about 2 hours.

Another good feature they have included is that when the battery dies and you're looking to use the device you can actually use it while it is connected to the charger which can be extremely useful. A lot of other vaporisers do not come with this option.

Ease of use

Storz and Bickel have really created this device with practicality in mind. It is really easy to use. Getting it ready when you receive it is very simple. You simply take it out of the box and stick it on the charge until the battery is full. Get your herbs ground and ready for use while it's charging. Then when it's complete you simply twist off the top piece of the device to expose the heating chamber on the inside. Then you put in the desired amount of herb you want to vape. Twist the top piece back on, swivel the mouthpiece around and press the button to turn the device on. Wait for the device to vibrate to tell you so you know it's ready to use and take a drag and it's as simple as that!


The crafty is made of high-quality plastic that really feels good in your hands and you can tell it's of good quality. The body of the device also has a ribbed design, this allows there to be more surface areas which in turns allows heat to escape from the device quicker. This is very important as the device can get quite hot and it contains a battery inside.

The device measures about 4.3 inches long and 2.2. This is the perfect size for it to fit snug in the someone's hands and to also cover it up from sight when it's being held which adds to the stealth of the product.

Unlike other vaporisers that have a fixed mouthpiece, the Crafty has one that twists around. This is good because you just twist it around back snug to the device when you are finished using it. This makes the device more compact and portable, allowing it to fit snug in your pocket.

Heating Chamber

The heating chamber of the crafty can hold about .3 of a gram of herb. The design keeps the herb that's loaded into the chamber intact, spilling is hard and doesn't happen often. When you turn on the device the default temperature setting is automatically chosen. The temperature of this setting is 356 Fahrenheit, This temperature produces a very nice favour with good effects and excellent taste. The device also comes with a boost temperature of 383 Fahrenheit. This is activated by pressed the button twice. For any other temperature setting, you will need to download the app!

As you can see the Crafty really is a good all rounder when it comes to a portable vaporiser, there really are no negatives and with the manufacturer's warranty that comes with every product bought brand new, you really can't go wrong with a Crafty purchase. The fact it has done so well in the vaporiser market is no surprise! So don't waste time and grab yours today and join in with the rest of the elite smokers in the world enjoying this product on the go every day!