Are you a first time grower?

Growing your own cannabis or weed plant is a great experience and it is becoming a usual norm in the society as it is believed that your own grown weed generates more delicious buds not also forgetting the economic viability of such decision. So it strongly advised to grow your own buds. Lots of legislations in the past hindered individuals from venturing into grown their own buds but in recent times, growing  small amount of buds in one’s home is not much of a big deal to the law enforcement. What triggers their attention is growing buds for commercial consumption.

Growing your first plant from seeds

White Widow for beginner growers

So if you have made up your mind to grow your own cannabis plant, what you need to do firstly is to put your house in other meaning that you must ensure that the local laws governing the growing of weed in small quantity will not incriminate you. Once this is ascertained, the next thing a first timer needs is to get seeds that suits first timers. In this article we will be reviewing the best first time seeds for growing. So if you are a first timer, all you need do is to read thoroughly before settling for one to go with.

Growing your own weed or marijuana could be such a great experience, beginning from germinating the seeds, flower development, down to harvesting delicious buds, but for newbies, it could be more tasking as there are lots to learn. To ensure that your first grow turn out a success, you must look into the characteristics of the plant which is a function of the genetic makeup of the seeds, the environment, and the experience level of the gardener. For this article we are concerned about the seeds.

From elementary science we gathered that’s the characteristics of any plant lies in the genetic formulation or makeup and because weed has spread widely all over the world, several types /kinds have evolved. Now we have scientists deliberately breeding cannabis seeds by combining distinct and favorable qualities to create new types of cannabis. The best first time seeds for growing is the white widow and it has been tested and is reviewed below.

White Widow one of the easiest plants to grow

The white widow seeds grow a plant that is an expression of power and great euphoria as well as creativity. I believe in the white widow so much because the level of high feeling it delivers is one of a kind. It comes along with a lot of potency and because the buds appear white during harvest, it is referred to as the White widow. And as far as America is concerned, it is the most popular marijuana strain. The white widow finds application in proving solutions to ailments such as pain, lower stress, and also helps in combating depression while rendering a happy high and a euphoric experience for beginners and also connoisseurs. Having a THC content level of 26%, with white widow seeds you will definitely expect a commendable level of relaxation to be accompanied by great euphoria. When it comes to taste, the white widow has this spicy taste of lemonade. If you desire to grow buds as a first timer and also as a regular grower seeking new adventures, the white widow will do the magic and depending on where you live, you could get your buds ready in 2 months. White widow seeds do well in the indoor and depending on your location, they could also do well on the outdoor. In summary, the white widow plant is very easy to grow, possesses a THC level of 26% and is a hybrid variety having 60% Indica, 40% Sativa. This makes up a perfect first time seed from experience.

A last tip to get the most out of your first grow

As earlier revealed, it is one thing to get good seeds to enhance good characteristics from your buds, and it is yet another thing to grow this buds in a very good environment and also having them grown by an experience gardener. The good thing about the white widow is that it grows very easily and can do well in various climatic conditions and more amazingly it does not require too much of expertise on the path of the gardener.

Note that white widow strains / seeds are also suitable for experienced growers who are trying out a new cultivation method.