Feminised or Regular Seeds

There has been a lot of debate within the cannabis growing community on what's the best sort of seed to use between Feminised or Regular Seeds. In all honesty, the best seed to use would be determined by what you want out of your seed. Each seed type has its pros and cons and here we will detail them and give a description of the seed type to allow you to be better able to choose the type of seed that would work best for you.

What is a Feminised seed?

Feminised seeds came about during the 90s due to peoples frustrations with having to remove male plants as to not destroy a crop when they weren't looking to breed the plants. A feminised seed is a seed that only produces Female plants. This is done by adding a silver mixture to a female plant. This forces the female plant to grow pollen sacks like a male plant does. The pollen from this plant is then used to pollinate another female plant, this fertilises the female plant which in turn makes it produce seeds. These seeds are feminised seeds and have an almost certain chance of becoming a female when grown. 


  • 99.999% Female Rate: The grower will have an almost certain chance of getting females out of the feminised seeds. This eliminates the process of having to remove males from a crop as to not ruin it. 
  • Less Space: Feminised grow's tend to take up less space as the extra space is not needed for male plants.
  • Take less work: Because you don't need to worry about checking for males etc feminised plants can take a whole lot less of your personal time. A lot of the time you can just plant them and only worry about watering them. 


  • Breeding: Feminised plants are not good for breeding, they do not produce any males so there is no pollen.
  • Genetics: Feminised plants can be missing a lot of the genetics that the original strain would have, this makes the plant less stable  
  • Unnatural: A lot of people make the argument that Feminised Seeds are not natural. This is because of the unnatural process that is used to create them. These people prefer to use Regular seeds due to their stronger and more natural genetics. 

What are Regular Seeds?

Regular Seeds are the natural seeds that come from a female cannabis plant once it has been fertilized. These seeds produce both male and female plants and are very useful for growers looking to crossbreed their own strain. To do this, growers first grow a couple of plants of each strain they would like to mix. They then use a male from say Chemdawg to pollinate the female of the other strain, say Master Kush. This plant will then be fertilized which will, in turn, make it produce seeds. The plants grown from these seeds will be a cross between Chemdawg and Master Kush. To produce good female buds with regular seeds when you are not interested in breeding you will have to remove the males from the crop as to not ruin it. 


  • Breeding: Regular seeds are perfect for breeding and creating new and unique strains. 
  • Stronger Genetics: Regular seeds contain better and more complete genetics than Feminised strains. Some strains are only available in Regular due to the instability of the Feminised versions.


  • Space: Regular seeds need a lot of space due to the fact you will need to grow the double amount of plants that you want. For example, if I wanted 50 females of a strain id have to grow 100 plants. 
  • Take more time: Because you will have to keep an eye on your plants to identify males these plants can suck up more of your time. 


As you can see both types of seeds really have their own positives and negatives and to say one reigns supreme over the other would be misleading and wrong. You would really need to consider what you want out of your grow and work from there on what type is best for you!