Growing Cannabis

As recreational and medical cannabis becomes more and more popular creating higher demand, people are turning off the idea of wasting money buying gram bags and eighths because of this it is becoming more and more popular for people to grow their own cannabis. Now, this may seem like a far off possibility to a lot of people in illegal countries but these people must understand that cannabis is gradually becoming legal across the world. It will hopefully not be too long before the truth of cannabis's benefits becomes commonly known and you will be able to grow comfortably without fear of the authorities.


A lot of people these days seem to think growing weed is a very difficult thing to do. This is not true. Although some strains can be tricky to get the most out of the biggest amount of cannabis plants are easy to grow and don't even need that much attention. There is a reason it is known as "Weed" because it grows like a weed!

 Growing Cannabis Tips

Cannabis grow

Here I have collected a few tips for beginners that should help them get the most out of their grow and give them factors to think about and research, that could effect their plants. 

1. Grow your plants from seeds. NOT clones!

While taking a clone straight from a nursery has its advantages a lot of people get their clones delivered in the mail. This usually means that the clones are going to arrive in a state of shock which is not good for its health. Another disadvantage of using clones is that any pests or genetic weakness that the mother plant had will be passed into the clone which is going to leave you with a very unhealthy plant. The best way to combat this is to start with seeds. Seeds give you complete control in how your plant is grown and looked after from the start. 

2. Make sure you have enough space

When growing cannabis you should make sure there is enough space for the plants to grow adequately. There should be enough space between your plants so they aren't touching, this is to help prevent pests and mould spreading. There should also be enough space height wise for the plant to grow. 

3. When growing indoors make sure you have adequate light and air ventilation

Growing cannabis indoors can have your indoor space stinking of cannabis. It is smart to get air flow and an air duct to remove these smells as to not attract too much attention from thieves. An adequate light will also be needed to make sure you plant is receiving all the light it needs to grow and flower. Too little light and your plant will die. 

4. Grow from Quality seeds!

The plant you get is nearly completely reliant on its genetics. To ensure you get the best plant and the best genetics make sure you get your seeds from a reputable source. Our seeds are all sourced from the best seed banks in the world with the best technologies to ensure the best genetics. Have a look through our seeds collection to see if any strains catch your eye!

5. Do not over water your plants

Over watering plants is the most common mistake people make when growing cannabis. Too much water can kill cannabis. A good tip is to keep the surface of the soil in the pot dry. To know when the plant needs to be watered just stick your fingers like 4 inches. If it got no moisture down there give it a little water. 

6. Do not over fertilise

Over fertilising your plant can kill it very easily. Do some research on fertilising to ensure you know the best fertiliser to use and when and how to use it.

7. For a fast one time grow, use Autoflowering and Feminised Seeds

For a grower looking to grow some high-quality cannabis is a short amount of time and with as little work as possible, they should use Autoflowering and Feminised Seeds. Autoflowering seeds will bypass the light cycle process meaning that the flower will bud on its own and Feminised seeds will ensure your plants comes out as a female. This cuts out a lot of the work and time needed to grow the plant.

Follow these tips carefully and consiously to ensure you get the best out of your grow with the best yeild and highest quality buds your plant can provide!

I do not endorse growing weed in places where it is illegal. All this information is readily available on the internet and I take no responsibility for how it is used.