How to tell a Female from a Male Cannabis Plant?


When growing from regular seeds cannabis plants will grow either as a male, a female or a hermaphrodite. It is important to know the differences between each sex of plant so you know how to use them. Both a male plant and a female plant produce a flower, each with a different role and purpose. In this blog, I am going to give you the basics of each sex so you're better equipped to tell the difference.  To eliminate the process of having to identify the sex of your seeds you should buy feminised seeds from here.  


The main characteristic of male plants which separate them from females is the pollen sacks that they produce. These sacks look like tiny buds until they open where they become little light coloured flowers. The male plant is not as potent as female plants although they do contain cannabinoids. In fact, a study by the United Nations found that the cannabinoid content between Female and Male was surprisingly similar in cannabis plants.  
male cannabis plant
The purpose of Male plants is to pollenise Female plants. They produce the vital pollen which makes cannabis breeders jobs possible. People cross pollinate plants, for example, growing a female Acapulco Gold and a male White Widow and talking the male plant's pollen and pollinating the female plant with it. The seeds this female plant produces will contain the genetics of both plants. The plant these seeds produce will be a crossbreed of the two strains. 


Instead of having pollen sacks female plants grows hairs. These hairs are for catching the pollen that comes from male plants. The hairs are a very clear distinguishing characteristic of female plants, they are the plant's sex organ. Female plants will also after time be covered in a sticky resin, this resin helps the plant collect pollen from the male plants. When the female plant catches the pollen and becomes fertilized the plant will start to produce seeds. This slows down THC production.

Female Cannabis plant
If the grower is not interested in breeding their plants they should remove the male plants from the female plants to stop this happening. Keeping your female plant from becoming fertilized also forces it to produce more resin. Making your plant contain more medical and psychoactive compounds. This is because they plant panics to become pollinated, by producing more sticky resin it believes its chances of fertilization increases. Most the Bud that is sold recreationally or medically around the world is and should be from a female plant. 


Hermaphrodites are plants that contain both male and female properties. This usually happens when a female plant has been left too long without being pollinated. The plants will have the sacks that male plants contain although as well as this they will have hairs growing out of the bud. The plants that are grown from the seeds of these plants tend to always come out female.