Indoor vs Outdoor Cannabis Growing

There has been a lot of debate on what is the better type of grow-setup within the cannabis communities indoor vs outdoor growing debate. Although it is more commonly accepted that Indoor Cannabis is better, the truth is that it really depends on what the grower is looking and both seeds have their benefits. 

In this blog, I'll detail some pros and cons of each technique and tell you a little bit about each. 

Indoor Growing

indoor growing

Indoor growing has been made popular over the last 60 years due to cannabis prohibition. The illegality of cannabis has pushed the plant underground where indoor grows were much safer. This is because the plants were hidden from the authorities. At some stage, during this time somebody realised that growing plants indoors and artificially gave them a lot of control on how the plant grows. The environment could be controlled so every aspect of the growing process could be modified. This not only allowed growers to get a good yield out of their plants but also allows them to make tweaks that could increase potency and make the plant produce higher amounts of medical compounds! Indoor grown cannabis is more precise and creates and more predictable and prettier bud than outdoor. The issue is, Indoor weed will never bring you the wonderful flavour, smell and balanced high that the complexities of conditions that mother earth provides can produce! 


  • Controlled Environment: The environment can be controlled to allow for the growers to make tweaks to the process. This makes growing more precise and consistent.
  • Stealth: Indoor growing gives you more cover when trying to hide your plants from thieves. 


  • Mother Nature: Any connoisseur of cannabis will tell you that the complexity of environments that cannabis grows in while growing naturally in the great outdoors produces the best weed for a balanced high, fragrant smell and tasty flavour.  
  • Space: Space is often limited when growing indoors. This means pests etc can spread between plants quicker and maximum yield can be harder achieved. 

Outdoor Growing

outdoor growing


Outdoor cannabis growing has been happening for thousands of years. It is where growing cannabis started and it's where a lot of growers say the best weed is grown. Would you rather have a fruit that was grown outside under the sun or a fruit that was grown indoors in what is basically a laboratory? Most people would prefer the outdoor tomato to the indoor tomato due to its more authentic taste. This same rule applies for cannabis. The best weed is grown where it is grown naturally ( For example in the Kush Mountains or Mexico ). Outdoor growing lacks the environment which produce's a consistent commercial product but those environments lack the unique and subtle ways of outdoor growing which produce an exquisite end product. Outdoor growings also give the user access to a whole lot more space and options. Yields are higher and the plants usually need less care.


  • Mother Nature: Mothers Natures unique and subtle ways provide the most amazing and balanced bud that smells great and tastes amazing! Indoor environments just can't recreate this! 
  • Yield: Outdoor growing produces more yield. Leaving the grower with more product for use. 


  • Uncontrolled environment: The grower has very little control over the environment. They are at the mercy of nature.
  • Appearance: A lot of the time you are not going to get the "Hollywood" bud that indoor growing produces.


As you can probably see by now, each growing technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. A grower would be best to assess what they are looking for their grow and do a bit of research on what would be best for them!