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Cannabis seed legality in the UK

This blog has been made purely for educational and informational purposes only. This is not professional legal advice. More research should be done and any questions or queries should be directed towards a lawyer.

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Simply put Cannabis seeds are legal to buy, sell and possess in all of the UK. You can buy seeds over the counter, from websites to your address and give them to your friends. This is commonly done and is becoming more and more popular as cannabis is being brought more and more into the mainstream eye.

A person can only come into legal problems with cannabis seeds if they germinate or cultivate the seeds as well as possess the or use cannabis. The penalties for doing any of these things can actually be very harsh, especially if it can be proved that the seeds were being grown for commercial gain of the grower. Due to this fact seeds will not be sold in the UK to be grown and cultivated, Seed sellers will only sell seeds for research or souvenir purposes as well as fish bait to avoid legal problems. Seed sellers should be aware that any questions about the growing or germination of the seeds should lead to the person not be denied a sale as they could face legal problems by answering these.

Even though cannabis seeds are legal to possess or sell if a person is caught by a police officer with seeds they usually will be asked to give a reason as to why they have them. This is because the police officer will be looking to determine if the person is in possession of the seeds in the legal context. This can usually be easily combated by saying the seeds are to be used as fish bait or they are souvenirs if you are a seed collector. Police officers can be more suspicious if they find other things in your possession that could indicate grower, say for example you had a bag of fertilizer for your garden plants at home or many seeds were found on your person.

Cannabis seed availability UK


Cannabis grow uncovered

Due to the legal status of cannabis seeds they are readily available all over the UK in both headshops, seed dispensaries and online. The most common way usually being offline from websites like ours. Here you will be provided with a large selection of seeds that are of excellent quality as well as information on the seeds. Buying online is very convenient as it is confidential and the seeds are delivered straight to your door in discreet packaging so nobody knows your business. When buying from head shops in your local town it is less anonymous and often more expensive.

As time goes on cannabis seeds are becoming more and more available in large quantities, by different vendors and in many different varieties. This is due to the fact that cannabis is becoming more popular around the world. People eyes are being opened to the many benefits of cannabis, for example, its medical properties as well as the properties that make the plant used for making clothes and even fuels and biodegradable plastics. The seeds themselves are a great source of nutrients and are great used as fish bait.

UK Weed Seeds Quality

The quality of seeds in the UK has gotten better over the last few years, usually, the seeds are sourced straight from reputable dispensaries in the Netherlands. There are many reputable brands that you can double check that your seeds come from to ensure that your seeds are of the best quality, for example, Barneys Farm, Royal Queen Seeds and Greenhouse Seeds. We stock the best quality seeds available on the market that come from the most world-renowned brands that are well respected and used by both growers and souvenir collectors worldwide.

How to tell if a seed is healthy?

There are a few techniques that can be used to detect whether a cannabis seed is good or bad, below I will detail a few so that you better able to tell.

Cracks - A seed should contain no cracks. Look all over the seed to make sure there are no cracks or holes around the shell. If there are there is a very high chance that the seed will not sprout during germination.

The shell - The shell of the seed should be sturdy and be able to withstand reasonable pressure without breaking or cracking. If it crushes between your fingers the seed is dead and will not grow. The shell should also have a waxy shine and feel to it.

Colour- Healthy cannabis seeds will be brown to a black colour and can sometimes be grey. Colours you don't want are white or green, seeds of this colour are unhealthy and are unlikely to sprout. Seeds also have spots and strips that surround the shell.

If you buy seeds and they are all dead or unhealthy you should contact the place you recieve them from.

Growing Cannabis in the UK

In recent times we are beginning to hear of people who are being caught having plantations of weed in the forests and secluded places in the UK. A recent discovery in south-west London revealed that 150 marijuana plants were discovered by the police and the plants were said to occupy a space as wide as a standard football pitch. The growth and size of one plant from the images posted were like a Christmas tree, looking so edible and fresh.

weed on union jack

The planting stage of weed does not require a huge amount of exposure to light, just simple fluorescent light is sufficient to start them. It is advisable to start them inside where the lights can be controlled and when they eventually begin to sprout they can then be replanted outside. Your planting should be initiated around April or maybe the month of May going from the recent conditions in climate particularly in arctic regions. The flowering stage begins after about 3 months depending on the strain, some will start to flower in far less than 3 months. Though in 3 months, the chances of mould affecting the buds are almost eliminated. Your weed can be left permanently outside once the flowering stage is attained. And grower prefers to replant their weed plants in the wild where it would get the needed quantity of sunlight for it to flower completely.

Quite a considerable number of persons in the UK do not believe that weed does grow naturally in the wild and this notion is not based on assumptions but on fact because unlike other countries where you could find the plant growing abundantly in nature, it is not so in the UK because the climatic conditions in the UK does not support outdoor growing of cannabis though with research and few tricks, weed can be grown in the wild effectively yielding good results.

Extra information and tips

Autoflower strains are recommended when you desire to plant your weed in the wild and this is because these flowers have the tendencies to be smaller thereby making them easier to plant with such a commendable level of discretion. Apart from the discretion auto flower offers, they automatically start flowering hence the name auto-flower, thereby allowing a lot less time to get ready. Unlike the conventional weed plants that require a certain amount of sunlight, the auto flower will not be needing any set amount of sunlight which is vital because sunlight is not necessarily guaranteed in the UK. Meaning you cannot say for sure when it is best to kick-start weed planting in the UK and as you know, snow is a crop killer. So with auto flower, you can make up for any losses ones the weather starts getting warmer.

Locate a place to grow your auto flower seed which should be carefully chosen, preferably a sunny clearing which should be out of sight or from any prying eyes. Once you locate your place, you can now proceed to germinate your auto-flower seeds. Protecting your weeds from people is vital but it is more vital to protect them from wildlife and this you can achieve by barricading the plants using wires to prevent predators from munching them. You are expected to visit the plant location at least once in a week because there is need to provide the plant with the nutrients it requires over its growth period. And if you cannot afford visiting once in a week, then slow release organic fertilisers should be employed.