Why you should buy the Mighty Vaporiser 

Long battery life 

The Mighty is powered by two batteries that remain on the inside of the casing of the vaporiser. These two powerful batteries allow the use of the device for a full 90minutes of continuous vaping. The device also offers the user the option of using the device while it is charging, this can provide quite useful. The batteries charge quickly and are usually fully charged in less than 20 minutes. 

Easy to use

The mighty vaporiser is extremely easy to use. The display and vibration features make it easy for the user to know whats happening and the process of getting the device ready for vaporising couldn't really be much easier unless it loaded itself up. You simply turn the top of the vaporiser and then lift the top piece off. There you will see a small hole in the middle where the piece came off. This is then loaded with herb and the top piece replaced. You then turn the device on. Select your heat and wait for it to vibrate. Then you turn the mouthpiece around and take in a draw to your taste. 

Temperature options

The vaporiser comes with a temperature range of 40-210 degrees Celsius. To set the temperature you are looking you just use the plus and minus arrows on either side of the display. This feature gives the user a lot of control on the vapour they receive. If a lower setting is chosen there will be fewer compounds within the herb vaporised and the vapour will be cooler. If a higher setting is chosen a higher amount of compound will vaporise and the vapour will be harsher. A higher setting will get you more monged out. 

Product quality

The Mighty is made out of high-grade plastic, it feels very rich and fits perfectly in your hands. It is durable and has been very well machined. The product itself looks really good with a grating style that allows for all the parts to effectively cool down after use. This feature also keeps the battery cool. All the pieces fit together snug and also come apart very easily which makes cleaning a lot easier. 

Quality of the Vapor

The vapour that the Mighty produces is honestly outstanding. There are no other tastes than the herb you put in, some may worry about the fact that the mouthpiece is plastic but with regular use of this vaporiser, I can tell you that I have not tasted anything but the fine herbs I have put into it. There are also attachments you can get to improve your vaping experience including a water tool available from Namaste vapes.


The Mighty is very portable. It fits into the average sized pocket and has a battery life of about 90mins of continuous use. While it does hold a bit of weight to it its nothing that's going to cause too much bother. There are also some accessories available for the mighty which can improve its portability included a Car charger. 


In my opinion, the Mighty is the best portable vaporiser available on the market today. It's that good it could hold its own against the bigger desktop vaporisers like the Volcano. The quality of the product itself is next to none and the vapour is that good that you honestly could not fault. At least I couldn't anyway with my daily use of the product. The Master Kush strain I have been smoking lately has produced a very sweet vapour with the mighty! You can purchase the Mighty vaporiser for a good price here and it comes with a reassuring warranty!