What is a Grinder?

A grinder is a smoking appliance that is used to finely chop herb. You simply put in the herb you want to grind and turn it until it is finely ground. Usually, beginner smokers would go through a process of breaking up herb in their hands before using it for smoking or vaping. This process comes with a lot of negatives. For example, The resin from the buds can get stuck to your fingers which in turn makes the bud less potent. Another disadvantage to breaking up bud in your hands is the time it takes to do it, as well as the fact that when you break up herb in your hands you end up with not that fine of a product which usually means that you will end up using more herb than you need to. A grinder eliminates all these negatives by finely grinding the herb and keeping most the resin intact. Using a grinder is also much fast than breaking up herb in your hands. They also double up as a container to hold your weed in. So you can simply grind up your weed for the day and leave it in your grinder.

Benefits to using a Grinder

A good grinder will speed up the process of breaking up dry herbs for a more efficient and pleasant experience. When breaking up herb in your hand's pollen can get stuck to your fingers etc. Using a grinder will keep most of this resin in place. This will help maintain the potency of the herb.

Another advantage to using a grinder is the fact that when the herb is finely ground you can more tightly pack your bowls or rolling papers. This will allow for a more even burn and will also mean the herb will be exposed to less oxygen which will, in turn, mean the herb will burn less before you increase the airflow by inhaling.

The fact a grinder can also be used as a storage device is another advantage. There is no need to carry both a baggy and your grinder. Simply grind up however much weed you want to use throughout the day and kept it in the grinder until you need to use it. Doing this will keep your herb fresh and your pockets uncluttered.

Different Kinds of Grinders

There are many different kinds of grinders. The two most popular materials that they are made out of is metal and plastic. Most grinders have at least two different chambers. The top chamber being where you put in the herb for grinding and the bottom chamber is where the herb falls to after it has been ground up. There are also three chamber grinders which are separated from the second chamber by a screen. This chamber is for collecting pollen. Some people like these kinds of grinders as you can collect pollen in them over periods of time until you have loads while other people to not like them as the removal of pollen from the herb makes it less potent.

Metal or plastic

The two major kinds of grinder available on the market are Metal Grinders and Plastic Grinders. There are benefits to using both and one does reign supreme over the other. Below I will write a bit about each so you are better able to choose which one is better for you!

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders are without a doubt the most popular type of grinder on the market. They are usually made of either aluminium or titanium. The best kinds being made from high-grade anodized aluminium that will last a user a lifetime. When using plastic grinders a lot, the teeth on the inside can break and they can easily become clogged up with resin which in turn makes them impossible to use. Metal grinders are easier to clean than plastic ones, you can simply use rubbing alcohol to remove the sticky resin. If you were to do this with plastic there is a chance a reaction could take place which could release chemicals from the plastic. The teeth on the inside of metal grinders are also stronger due to the fact they are made from metal.

When purchasing a metal grinder it is important to not go for the cheapest available as even though they are metal they can be low quality and easily broken. It's best to stick with reputable brands that provide warranty due to their confidence in their product.

Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders tend to be cheaper than metal ones, so even though they usually do not last as long as the metal ones they can be replaced a lot easier. A problem with plastic grinders is that they can get jammed up very easily with resin which makes them impossible to use. They are also not easily cleaned. You will have to scrape the grinder of the resin to clean it. Rubbing alcohol is probably not a good idea as this could release chemicals which in turn could have chemicals seep into your herb.  Another issue with using plastic grinders is that the teeth are not very strong and are prone to breaking.

Grinder Brands

The material you choose for your grinder is very important but so is the brand you choose. Reputable brands will have a name to live up to so will tend to also put out high-quality products with a warranty to back them up. You should go for these kinds of grinders. Don't waste your money on inferior cheap rip offs that will break after some use and carry a number of different problems!

Grinder I would recommend

I would recommend the SLX 2.0 Non-Stick Pocket Grinder. Not only is this grinder a beautiful product but it has been specially designed to finely chop up your product to best get the most out of it as well as having been designed especially to be non-stick. Meaning that herb and resin will not stick to the sides of the grinder. This has been done by having the inside of the grinder made out of ceramic!  This grinder has also been FDA approved to work with food so you can be reassured that it will not release and toxins into your herb.

The grinder feels sturdy and solid and due to the fact it is made out of 7075 T6 aluminium, you can be sure it will last a lifetime with cracking or breaking! The grinder also has a magnetic lid which snaps into place securely when the two pieces are brought together. This keeps the herb inside with you having to worry about the lid falling off!

This really could be the best grinder available on the market at the minute!