Blue Cheese Feminised

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Quick Details 

Blue Cheese is a hybrid strain that has been created using two plants; the UK Cheese and Blueberry. Blue Cheese is an Indica with powerful effects. The strains produce lots of resin, and a high production of about 500g per square meter indoors. It has a unique and very appealing aroma sweet fruit and a clear and persistent background of old Cheese. 

Strain Description

Blue cheese is a dominant indica and hybrid plant that delivers a unique taste and powerful high. Its a cross between the two iconic strains Blueberry and Cheese.

Blue Cheese's buds are large and densely packed. They are usually a light green although the shade can become darker depending on how grown. A very high resin content should be expected. As well as a covering of white sticky crystals which make this plant very hard to break up in your hands. The buds smells very fruity with hints of savory cheese just in the aftertastes.

Blue cheese gives its user a deep feeling of relaxation that usually creeps up. It is very useful for reducing stress and calming the mind. Couch lock is possible but usually in high doses. Medically it has been useful in helping a person with minor pains and due to its slight sativa effects of being mildly euphoric it can help with depression. This is a perfect strain to help a user unwind !

Good For:

  • Reducing stress
  • Unwinding 
  • Minor Pain
  • Depression


  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria


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