LSD Feminised

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Donec eros tellus, scelerisque nec, rhoncus eget, laoreet sit amet, nunc. Ut sit amet turpis.

Quick Details

LSD is a hardy mould and disease resistant plant that responds well to all growing conditions. It was given its name by the Barney’s crew because of its powerful trippy high. This plant is very easy to grow, and can give you a high yield of award winning and powerful buds. LSD gives a euphoric, psychedelic and powerful stoned effect, giving an immense cerebral high. LSD has a musky smell with the intense flavour of earthy chestnut.

Strain Description

LSD is a strain that got its name from the famous psychedelic drug of the same name. LSD is a cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar. The strain got its name due to the strong psychoactive effects the user gets when smoked leaving the user feeling very psychedelic and trippy. Although this is an Indica dominant strain it is very mentally stimulating as well as having all the usual body effects that indicas normally have. When smoked the high hits in very quickly leaving the user happy but with a cloudy mind. After a couple of hours when the high has died down and the trippy effects have left, the user often feels a powerful body load.

Medically this strain is prescribed to people that need help with stress and it has also been reported to be effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Due to the indica effect LSD is also used to treat mild pain problems. The body load felt after the cerebral effect also make this strain good for a person dealing with insomnia.

This strain has a very earthy yet sweet taste and the smell is very stealthy often just slightly fruity. The buds often grow quite triangular with little but long orange hairs and a generous crystal covering. This strain can be tricky to grow properly meaning it is not recommend for beginner growers. The strain can yield around up to 700 g/m2 and the plant is usually ready to flower after 60-65. The THC content has been recorded as high as 25% and the CBD 1.2%.

Good for:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Lose of appetite


  • Cerebral
  • Trippy
  • Deep thinking






Flowering time


60-65 days 

THC content



Plant height



Plant area



Prefers Indoor