Nebula Feminised

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Quick Details

Nebula means “star cloud”. Bred by Paradise Seeds in 1996, this variety received the name for its stellar qualities. Nebula has an open structure that is excellent for indoor farming where the plants perform with optimal results in a sea of green set-up. This variety has also been successfully grown outdoors in Holland and would be an appropriate choice for outdoor gardens in temperate zones that offer a 9 week minimum flowering time before the first frost. Nebula stretches slightly, but produces obese buds when placed under lots of light. Like the name suggests, Nebula twinkles with the coating of THC glands. The buzz is transcendental and cerebral, sometimes bordering on the psychedelic. Nebula may earn the nickname “honey pot” for its sweet smell and distinctively honeyed fruit flavor.

Strain Description

Nebula is hybrid strain that leans more to the indica side genetically. It has won many awards and is known for its sweet flavour and potent effects. Nebula was first created in 1996.

When smoked this Strain effects both the body and the mind. Users report that they are eased into a psychedelic mind state that leaves them with increased perception and euphoria. Increased creativity is a common factor of smoking this strain, users report that they enter a state that provokes thoughts. The strain is perfect for use at any stage of the day.

Medically this strain is useful due to its cerebral effects, it can be used to relieve stress and anxieties as well as help a person with depression.

Good For:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue 


  • Body relaxation
  • Psychedelic 
  • Cerebral
  • Increased Creativity 
  • Thought provoking 


Nebula Fem characteristics