Here are some frequently asked questions. Have a look here to see if your question is answered. If it isn't please give us a message. 


Is it legal to buy seeds?

Yes, It is legal to buy seeds in most European countries. Customers are always recommended to double check on this though to stay up to date with the law. 


Are my card details secure?

We use a trusted Payment system to secure your details. We do not store them. Your card details are very safe!


When will my order be sent?

If your order is placed before 1 pm it is guaranteed to be sent out the same day. If after that it may be fulfilled the day after.


The order has not arrived, what can I do?

Please give us a message. We will get this resolved ASAP!


If there are any more questions we would be happy to reply to them. Please give us an email!  [email protected]