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Mr. Nice Black Widow male was hit to the Russian landrace creating this amazing hybrid. Very vigorous plant, likes the light. 8 to 10 weeks to finish. Mostly Indica

Strain description

Black Russian is an Indica Dominant strain that offers its user a nice sleepy high that is very relaxing and good for unwinding after a hard day. The plant grows really beautiful flowers that can be very large. The buds are dense and the leaves grow a foresty green colour with long pale coloured hairs. Depending on how it is grown there can be shades of black and purple throughout the buds. The buds are covered in a thick layering of crystals which gives the plants a nice shine and also makes them very sticky.

After Black Russian has been cured the buds give off a very fruity and appealing smell. The smell is reminiscent of berries and citrus fruit. When the buds are cracked they take on more of a skunky smell. When combusted the buds create a smoke which can be very harsh to inhale. Users report coughing fits and watery eyes although the high makes this all the worth while.

This strain produces a potent high that first starts with tingles all over followed by the feeling heavier, especially in the limbs. This is a great strain for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day or for night time use. It will provide its user with a great sense of relaxation which can be very beneficial. Medically this strain has been effective is helping ease anxiety and depression in people as well as PTSD. It can also be used to help with pain and it has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Good for:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Pain


  • Relaxing
  • Body numbing
  • Cerebral 
  • Tingles 


Black Russian Characteristics