Blue Dream AUTO Feminised

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This variant of Blue Dream by Humboldt Seeds is an autoflowering feminized seed that has been derived from the original blue dream mixed with a Ruderalis which enables the growers a faster grow that flowering depending on age rather than the light/dark cycle. Blue Dream is a very sought after strain and its effects are very powerful. Blue Dream is a plant suitable for any level of a grower.

Strain description 

Blue dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is recognised as one of the most popular strains available on the market. With good reason too! This strain provides its users with a long lasting, potent high. Users report a wonderful balance of cerebral stimulation and relaxation in the body. The THC content of this strain has been reported as anywhere between 13% and 25%.

The Blue Dream plant grows small nugget like buds with dark green leaves. Some phenotypes can have a blue to purple shading on the Leafs. The flowers are very sticky and can be tricky to break up even with the use of a grinder. This is due to the high resin content of this strain. The aroma of this strain is very pleasant, an immediate skunk like smell will be recognised with strong tones of fruity berry. When smoked it tastes spicy with a fruity aftertaste and after the exhale this taste remains. The smoke can be quite harsh often inducing coughing.

Blue Dream is known to have a very pleasant high. Users report an almost instant head rush and changes in perception such as amplified colours and sounds. As well as effects in a person mentality the user wit also be met with a wonderful sense of physical relaxation that flows throughout the body. Medically Blue Dream is a very versatile strain, It can be very effective in treating things like aches and pains as well as conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. It's mellowing effect and tendency to increase a person's appreciation of things make it also a good choice in treating Depression, anxiety and PTSD. There have also been reports that Blue Dream helps provide relief to a person that suffers from migraines.

Good for:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Aches and Pains


  • Cerebral 
  • Increased Perception
  • Relaxation


blue dream auto fem characteristics




Up 130g per plant



Flowering time


70-75 Days

THC content



Plant height



Plant area