Blue Mystic Feminised

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Quick Details

This Indica dominant plant is short-stacked, with little stretching, growing almost like bonsai or broccoli. It can grow just over 1 metre tall. Bushing the volume of the plant sideways can give better results for yield. Normally, it will produce 300 grams per plant but can go up to 500 grams per plant indoors. On average, that’s about 300-500 grams per square metre. Outdoors, it needs the warmth of the Mediterranean or California and does not do well in northern Europe. Blue Mystic Feminized can be ready after 8 weeks

Strain Description

Blue mystic is a hybrid that is known for its potent high and beautiful buds that can have blue tinted crystals covering them in a thick layer. It is a good strain for both day time and night time use and its effects can be useful in providing relief to a person suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. It is often also prescribed to help lessen inflammation and mild pain.

The high of Blue mystic seems to effect people differently. Some report a sativa high and some report a indica high. Users report feeling engergized and some seem to feel lazy and tired. Whatever the effect it has it seem to always leave the person with a cerebral lift and a pleasent sense of well being. Blue Mystic has very high bag appeal. The buds are a vibrant green colour and the plant can have blue going through it. When smoked it leaves a berry aftertaste.

Good For:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Mild Pain


Seems to depend on the person. Some report a strong sativa high some report an indica. Either way it Blue mystic seems to provide its users with a feeling of content and happiness.