California Orange Feminised

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Quick Details

This beautiful plant originating from the sunny California has been around for more than 25 years and is still going strong! This variant is feminised so a female plant is almost guaranteed as long as the plant doesn't go through to much stress. 

Strain Description

California Orange Bud is a balanced hybrid strain. It was created during the 1980s before growers knew much about trademarking genetics etc, so its lineage isn’t known and is up for debate. The strain leaves its user with a very clean mellow high that isn’t too intense. California Orange is a great strain for use at any stage of the day and is a very useful tool for increasing a person’s creativity and focus.

California Orange’s buds are tightly packed. Leaves are a pale green and are very generously covered in a thick layer of crystals. When the buds are cracked open the user will see how sticky this strain is. California Orange is a very pungent strain that gives off a skunk like smell with sweet citrus and lavender undertones. The lavender smell is due to the strains high concentration of the terpene “linalool” which is gives off a lavender smell. When combusted the strain gives off a spicy smell. The smoke is very smooth and leaves its user with a lingering sweet after taste.

Medically California Orange has been used to help people with anxiety and nausea. It is also effective in the treatment of loss of appetite and can be useful in the relief from mild pain. Some suffers of depression have also reported relief after smoking this strain probably due to its effect increasing focus and leaving its user more in the moment. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors and the plants can reach up to 6 feet tall. These plants prefer a Californian consistently sunny climate. When grown outdoors the plants are usually flowering by November and when indoors its usually between 45-55 days. THC content is a mild 15%. The yeild can be up to 600g/m2.

Good for:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Mild pain


  • Mellow
  • Cerebral
  • Relaxing


orange bud characteristics





Flowering time


45-55 days

THC content



Plant height



Plant area