Ice Cream Feminised

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Quick Details

Ice Cream expresses a diversity of phenotypes, all of them producing a good, tasty smoke. The common theme is extreme rapid growth and vitality, with healthy large dark green leaves and profuse resin production. Another common theme is a smooth, creamy taste that reminds of ice cream.

Strain Description

Ice Cream is slightly Indica Dominant strain that has won many Cannabis awards. When smoked the user is first met with its sativa effects which leave them uplifted with cerebral stimulation. Users report an increase in creativity and some report that daily tasks become more pleasurable. This is if the indica effects don't take over which can have a person in a couch lock fairly easily!

Medically this strain has been useful in helping people with ADD/ADHD as well as being useful in easing mood disorders like Anxiety and depression. People that have a lack of appetite, whether through anorexia or medical treatment, may find some of their hunger comes back after smoking this strain also. Ice Cream tastes sweet and the taste could be compared to berries or vanilla. The buds are a dark green colour with hints of yellow and they have a generous crystal covering!

Good For:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Appetite


  • Increased Creativity 
  • Cerebral
  • Mood uplifting
  • Couch Lock 


ice cream feminised