ICE Feminised

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Quick Details

Ice, an indica dominant strain that is a very short growing usually reaching no more than 1 meter tall. While it is short, trimming the top can force it to bush out sideways, producing a larger yield. 

Strain Description

ICE is a balanced strain that produces a powerful and potent high that induces euphoria and increased a persons mood. It provides its user with energy and can even make them more sociable and willing to talk. Its indica linage is also noticed immediately when smoked as the user will be overcome by a strong body tingling. ICE won the Hybrid 1998 High Times Cup! ICE is prescribed to relieve disorders like stress and anxiety and is sometimes also used to help people gain an appetite and sleep better at night.

ICE, like its name might suggest is very frosty in appearance. When the bud are cracked the beautiful green insides reveals itself. This is a heavily resinous and very eye appealing strain with high eye appeal. ICE has a bitter taste with a slightly sweeter aftertaste.

Good for:

  • Anxiety
  • Day-time use
  • Stress


  • Strong euphoria with calming effect
  • Sociable 
  • Increased creativity
  • Euphoria 


Fem ICE characteristics