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Homegrown Natural Wonders have combined the considerable painkilling effect of their award-winning Mad Scientist with the energetic Jack the Ripper for a Sativa dominant strain that can completely take care of your pain but can also leave you feeling energized. There are four different phenotypes in this strain, two tall and two short. All phenos have triangular, heavily knuckled finger-shaped buds with swollen calyxes and a sour, funky haze aroma. Professor Chaos may be helpful for: Chronic pain, narcolepsy and MS

Strain Description

Professor Chaos is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides its user with strong cerebral high and pleasant smoke. It is a very energising smoke that is great for use throughout the day. THC content can also be very high with reports of up to 25%. The buds are a classic tapered shape and very fluffy, typical of a sativa strain, The leaves of the plant are a light green colour and the buds have long hairs that are usually an orange colour. The buds are covered in crystally goodness which can make them sticky, usually leaving a residue on your fingers after touching them. When cured the buds smell like a fruity sour sweet, then when they have been cracked a skunk smell will emerge. The smell of this strain is very strong and will fill any space it is in. Not a bud to have for a stealthy smoker unless they have some smell proof bags. 

When smoked the high can hit quickly. It is first felt in the head where the user should feel a heightened sense of awareness. This is then followed by racing thoughts which can be converted into creativity if you are in the right mind set. The high from this strain can be very useful for problem-solving. After the cerebral effects take hold the indica genetics of the plant kick in and the user will be met by some relaxation in the body which is good for relaxing the cerebral pace of the almost trip like the effect the user can initially get from smoking this strain.  

Professor Chaos has many applications medically. It's uplifting effects in the mind make it useful in helping with things like depression and PTSD. The boost of energy it produces also make it useful in helping people with lethargy or fatigue. This strain is not recommended for night-time use unless at a party etc. Its tendency to make thoughts race will have you up all night.

Good for:

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Relaxing
  • Appetite
  • Pain Relief


  • Higher focus
  • Cerebral
  • Relaxing
  • Increased creativity


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